How to Keep You and Your Family Safe During the COVID-19 Outbreak!

The new coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire throughout the globe as cities fail to contain the outbreak. Live global maps are lighting up like Christmas trees, in a way that we've only ever seen in movies. People are panicking, grocery store shelves are empty, small businesses are shutting, millions are losing jobs, events are being canceled and schools all over the globe are closing down until further notice. World wide the coronavirus death toll rises at alarming rates with approximately 23,000 deaths and already over 500,000 confirmed cases and thousands more being confirmed every few hours. Italy has the worst of it, with 80,003 where the police and military parole the streets keeping everyone indoors in a nationwide quarantine, in an attempt to control the outbreak. The Italian national anthem being sung from the balconies in solidarity, supporting each other even from afar and boosting morale.

People are dying, and let me just extend my condolences if you have lost someone, or know someone who has, but it's imperative that we don't panic. Yes, this is very scary and it's most likely going to get worst before it gets better, but over 110,000 people have already successfully recovered and that number is rising faster and faster every day as we flatten the curve. If you panic you create stress in your body and that lo