ENERGY IS LIFE - Hacking The Biofield to Manifest your Desires

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Energy is not only essential for life on earth for all organisms, energy IS life. It is the reason for all cosmic existance in our universe. The importance of energy is often overlooked, but understanding the energy that flows within and without will give you the ability to create the balance in your mind, body & soul, which will allow you to thrive in life. This balance begins in your biofield. By broadening your awareness to the natural laws of the universe and consciously filtering what you let in, and what you put out.

"You are Gods highest form of creation. You are a living breathing creative magnet. You have the ability to control what you attract into your life." - Bob Proctor

What is the biofield?

I'm sure you've heard before that you are like a magnet: like attracts like, you receive what you put out. Like Einstein said, "It's not philosophy, it's physisc." The biofield is the human electromagnetic and magnetic energy field which is generated from every organ, and every living cell in your body. There are many names for this surrounding energy field in different cultures, for example the aura, chi, and the prana, to name a few. It is the life force energy. Your body is endlessly emmiting fluctuating energy to your surroundings, and once you understand that you have the capability of controling what type of energy you emit and where it is going, then your life will make a shift to better serve your evolution.


The image on the left shows a donut like structure surrounding the body, this is the biofield. The shape that it takes on is not unique to the human body, it is the fundamental process of the dynamic flow of energy in the whole universe, from plants, to trees, fruit (take a look at the shape of an apple!), cells, animals, planets, stars, and even galaxies. Our existance and the existance of the universe depends on this donut shaped balance of energy. (Donuts are life!) The energy flows in the top vortex, through the center where it comes to a complete balance and then back out the other vortex. Each organ vibrates at its own frequency and thus has its own energy field. This is why auras and the chakras have different colors. Scientific studies have concluded that the chakras are located where there are large nerve clusters, and each frequency that they emit corresponds to a different color.

"Thoughts = Energy = Matter

The human biofield is responsible for transforming energy to matter, by intercepting and affecting the energy fields of everyone and everything around you. It can reach up to 12 feet away from the body. Your body is like an antenna, trasmitting and receiving information to and from the environment. Every organ has its own energy feild, and your heart has the strongest magnetic and electromagnetic field. Emotions are initially generated and felt in the heart in the form of frequencies, which the brain then picks up and translates to matter on a biological level by releasing the corresponding hormones. However, your emotions dont just affect your biology and mental state, they're also responsible for causing chemical changes in and out of yor body at the cellular and atomic level. Negative emotions are very dense and low vibrations, whereas positive emotions are light, high vibrations. Emotions are energy in motion whereas your thoughts are states of conciousness which make up who we are and who we will be.

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