5 Ways to Show Love to Our Planet

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I was going to talk about Self-Love, taking care of your body and prioritizing your needs but this is the first Valentine's day of the decade and our planet is in a crisis. From the rising temperatures, forest fires, melting ice caps, and polluted air.

We need to rebalance our relationship with mother earth.

Just this morning scientists have confirmed that Antarctica has hit alarming record high temperatures of 20.6 C (69 F). We are losing hundreds of species to extinction every day, Australia is burning, the Amazon was burning. Our whole planet is turning to ashes and the parts that aren't burning we cut down and bulldoze, or fill with tonnes of our own trash, and there are islands of trash bigger than countries invading our oceans. We shouldn't wait for Earth Day (April 22) or instructions from our government to start making changes, we should be taking small steps every day.

The Ugly Truth

  • Every day almost 200,000 tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean

  • The average American makes about 3.5lb of trash per day.

  • Species are going extinct 10,000 times the normal rate

“We have arrived at a moment of decision. Our home — Earth — is in grave danger. What is at risk of being destroyed is not the planet itself, of course, but the conditions that have made it hospitable for human beings.” – Al Gore

We need to make some changes.

We all say that we love animals and we love nature and yet we slaughter them for food and fashion. We all say we love nature and yet we chop down our trees, trash our backyards, and contaminate our oceans.

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” - Dali Lama

Open your heart today by being more conscious about your impact on the planet, and by setting the intention to make a change in your life from the habits that harm the planet. Reduce your carbon footprint and lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Spread love and compassion this Valentine's Day to our mother earth, to the animals that rely on their habitats and their trees and clean oceans, and to every human being that lives on this world, including yourself.

1. Go Vegan

Choose whole plant foods such as grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruit, and vegetables over animal products like fish, meat, and dairy. I know a lot of us were raised on a diet with at least one animal product in each meal, but we do not need to eat animal products to be strong and live a long healthy life, on the contrary, thousands of studies show that meat and dairy is the leading dietary cause of premature aging, high cholesterol, heart disease, and cancer. It is just as harmful for your body as it is for the planet and this is no longer a time to remain indifferent, this is a time to make a change. Start by removing one type of animal product from your diet, by having only 1 meal with meat per week. Joseph Poore from Oxford has said this, "A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land use, and water use."

2. Eat Local & In Season

This is a big one to reduce your carbon footprint, eat food that is locally grown and in season. Foods such as exotic fruits that are out of season are being shipped of flown from across oceans.

Find a local farmers market in your area, depending on where you live, this will also give you an opportunity to speak to the farmers and ask them about their produce, if it's organic, if they use pesticides and give you more control on what goes into your body. Locally grown seasonal produce is not only cheaper, but it is also healthier! It will contain much higher amounts of vitamins and essential nutrients than produce out of season or produce that has been harvested before it was ripe, stored in a warehouse, shipped across the ocean and then chemically ripened or frozen.

3. Ditch the plastic.

I can not stress this enough. 80% of plastic produced is nonrecyclable, and even the plastic made from recycled plastic only contains about 30% recycled plastic, and in the end, more than half of all recyclable plastic still ends up in landfills and our oceans. It takes millions of years for plastic to break down and its toxicity is seeping into our oceans and our bloodstream and it is cutting off our circulation and suffocating helpless marine animals. Chemicals found in plastic such as BPS is shown to cause obesity, hormone imbalances, defects in babies, thyroid problems and Alzheimer's disease. Plastic leaks and melts into your water from water bottles, from warming up your food in the microwave and as you ingest that I poison your bloodstream and disrupt your body.

Buy your own travel mug, a glass water bottle, and a glass or bamboo lunchbox, bring your own reusable shopping bags to the store and if you happen to forget it, ask the people at the store for a cardboard box instead.

4. Walk or Cycle or take public transport.

Walking or cycling when possible can reduce your carbon footprint by 75%! It's also beneficial to your health, boosting your digestion, your endurance and strengthening your heart, dramatically increasing your life expectancy. When it's too far then opt for public transport, only when absolutely necessary you should drive, and carpool with friends as much as possible.

5. Plan your meals for the week and write Grocery Lists

Over 1/3 of produce bought every week is thrown away and ends up in landfills. This creates unnecessary greenhouse gasses, which contribute to the alarmingly high temperatures. The statistics on food waste are staggering considering how many children go to bed hungry and how much energy and natural resources are used to grow/make the food.

Creating a grocery list of foods you would like to buy in accordance with the meals you would like to eat for that week allows you to plan healthier and more nutritionally packed dishes and reduce the impulsivity to buy everything in sight. Another way to make sure that you don't buy more than you need is to eat lunch or a snack before going to the store, that way you're not hungry.

Reduce your weekly food waste by cutting and freezing fruit/veg that is going bad and uses it at a later date to make smoothies or stir fry.

Our planet earth is more than just the solid ground that we stand on. It is our mother, it nourishes us, it protects us, it feeds us and fills our lungs and it embraces us with cosmic energy and we need to show it some love, compassion, and kindness. All it takes is one step in the right direction and creating healthy habits for the environment and a healthier lifestyle. Even the smallest step can impact our environment and our health in a huge way.

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