2020 is the year of crystal clear vision and goal setting.

Become a visionary alchemist and create a life that is meaninful and fulfilling to you.


(Enrollment and Entry ends on 12/30/19 at 11:59pm PST)


Envision 2020 is 7-day Challenge is designed like an at-home go at your own pace retreat, where you will learn to integrate different goal-setting tools used by some of the most influential thought leaders, visionaries and successful entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Vishen Lakhiani, Joel Brown, Regan Hillier and so many more! Tools such as mindset work, visualization, affirmations, gratitude to energetically align yourself with your goals and UPLEVEL your abundance! 

The journey to success involves changing the core of your perceptions, behavior patterns, and breaking limiting beliefs and money blocks that are keeping you stuck and blocking you from achieving your dreams and manifesting more abundance (financial, love, ect.) into your life.

This 7-day challenge is structured to help you dig deeper and reflect on what has held you back, reflect on your pre-conditioned limiting beliefs so that you can override the program ingrained into you by your middle-class family, your grandparents, your school, your community so you can rise into your greatness! 


For the next 7 days, we will build a community of empowered individuals and create a collective visionary shift.

 I will help you create a vision for what you want to achieve in life, and help you set goals and rewire your energetic blueprint to help you turn your vision into reality.

All of the most sucessful people in the world know that mindset and inner work comes FIRST. Before the aligned action and hard work, you must shift your beliefs around money, around success, envision the life you want to create. Which is exactly what you are going to be doing in the 7 Day Challenge!

Are you ready to elevate your mindset and embody your vision and the energy of what success means to you?

Are you ready to invest in your future?

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” Bill Gates

We are closing a new chapter on the last decade of 2019 and getting ready to start anew.

This is the start of a new decade, energetic shifts are happening.

This is more than just a time to set new years resolutions it's a time for you to reflect on your 10-year vision.

I will take you on a journey through time, to reflect on the past 10 years and where you've failed, where you've learned and how you've evolved, then we will envision the life you want to create in the coming decade.

How old will you be 10 years from now?

What do you want to have accomplished by then?

We will set goals not just for your business but for ALL areas of your life.

From setting morning routine goals to keep your mind calm and healthy through self-care, healthier eating and exercise goals, and personal development goals, to your life goals.

We are going to create map out your entire 2020 and divide it into quarters, then we will plan out your 3 year goals, your 5 year goals and finally your 10 year goals! 

​However, Envision 2020 is more than just setting career goals, it's about realizing you can have it all – health, wealth, success, love, and more – without sacrifice or compromise.

Which is why I include all 12 areas of life in the goal setting and visualization.


The questions and exercises in the workbook and the goal-setting tools I will guide you through are designed to guide you through self-discovery, exploration, and fulfillment and towards your personal vision of success in the 6 dimensions of life. The workbook you will receive will help you create your dream life, from clarifying your vision to following through on execution.

  1. Wellness

  2. Purpose

  3. Finances

  4. Creativity

  5. Self

  6. Relationtionships

Each key area is then broken down into 18 smaller areas, and you will asses your life through a set of exercises that will help you dive deeper in each area of your life.


Mindset Hacks

Abundance Activation

(Money Mindset)

Goal Setting

Community (99$ Value)

Daily Journal Prompts

Nutrition + Health tips for brain health and increased work performance

(180$ Value)

EXCLUSIVE Powerful Visualization Meditation 

Inner reflection + Transformative exercises (99$ Value)

These are some of the things we will go through in Envision 2020.


40 Page Printable Workbook PDF to help you create your most inspiring & successful year. (25$ Value)

A shortened version of the Powerful Visualization Meditation for you to download 

Daily Journal Prompts 

Daily Action Steps

Accountability group 

Special offers

For $49 for 7 days!

You are the Alchemist of your reality. 

I am a Holistic health and transformation coach and I coach women to create balance and wellbeing in their mental, physical, and spiritual health so they can become Alchemists of their reality and achieve their purpose-driven goals, allowing them to create a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Instead, I took my power back and found healing within myself!


In light of Thanksgiving, I wanted to show my gratitude for having recovered from my chronic illness by giving back and creating this challenge for you and giving you the opportunity to heal in a safe environment.



You're tired of feeling stuck, confused, or lost in life

You understand that big change comes from consistent action, every day

You want to feel confident and empowered in yourself

You're ready to achieve great things and know that everything you want can (and will) be yours

You want to wake up inspired & motivated for your life

Strengthen your focus on what truly matters to you

Solidify your lessons learned from the past year

Clarify exactly what you want, who you want to be, and how to get there

Develop positive habits to enrich your lifestyle

Live a balanced life that fills your soul

 Take action to create the year of your dreams



Don’t take full responsibility for your life

Don’t believe you can change

Goodbye 2019

Hello 2020.

One time payment of 49$

So will you keep putting off your dreams... or will you start creating the life you've always wanted? 

$49 for 7 days!

That's just 7$ per day.