Body Soul Mindful coaching programs are structured in 3 phases using neuroscience tools and then tailored to your individual needs and goals to help you create radical mind body and soul transformation in all areas of your life. These are called the 3 Phases of Alchemy and each one is designed to 

Master your mind.      Heal the body.       Awaken the Soul.

Mindset. This is where you learn to recognize and release then begin breaking down your conditioned thoughts and responses that have been holding you back. It is a mental detox and mindset shift in preparation to achieve the goals you will set for yourself.

Health. Good mental physical and emotional health contribute greatly to your success in your career and other areas of your life. During this phase, you will eliminate unhealthy habits and cravings, learn to eat nutritious foods, and improve your health and increase longevity.

Life Vision. You've rewired your mindset for success and created a healthy balance between the 5 pillars of life this is where you will mine the gold within you and reflect it outward onto your life. You will evaluate all 12 areas of your life and make goals and action plans according to your passions and values. 

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Phase 1 

"Mindfulness" has swept the western world in the last 4 years and the scientific research on its benefits has been expanding rapidly.

So what is it and why is it the first phase in my coaching programs?


Mindfulness is bringing your attention to the present moment and becoming aware, observant, nonreactive, and nonjudgmental of your current state of thoughts and emotions. This way you are able to recognize and release your negative thought patterns and negative reactions to emotions that lead to unhealthy behaviors and habits.


There is an incredibly powerful connection between the mind and your physical health. I strongly believe that healing begins in the mind, because your thoughts, your emotions and how you perceive and react to your experiences in life are just as, if not more important as what kinds of foods and drinks you put into your body.

So before trying to heal and detox the body of environmental toxins, you need to heal and detox the mind of detrimental thoughts and release emotional toxicity such as unprocessed anger, hurt, and disappointment, because your body cannot heal while burdened by stress and low vibrations.


But mindfulness is about so much more than detoxing and creating space for healing, it's a mindset shift. This is why it is phase 1 to transformation because it will prepare you to create long-lasting changes and elevate your life throughout the course of the coaching program.

By practicing mindfulness you literally begin to change your brain by creating new neural pathways and improving its neuroplasticity and ability to evolve over time. It makes us more receptive to growth because we are in a frame of mind in which to examine what else we can pursue, in order to elevate our lives.


In the beginning of my coaching program I will guide and support you through this mental detox and mindset evolution by giving you science proven tools and techniques to master your mind such as mindset exercises, gratitude, daily stress management and so much more which will all help you break mental blocks, release fears and limiting beliefs which are holding you back from your highest potential.


Phase 2

"To create balance in the world you must first create balance within yourself."

You can not fulfill our purpose and help others in the world if you are not healthy and in balance. You can't excel in your career or build and nurture meaningful relationships if your health isn't in check, you can't create balance in your life in all it's external aspects if you yourself aren't balanced within.

We tend to underestimate how much health and maintaining balance contributes to living life successfully and productively and the 5 elements are the pillars for physical wellness if one collapses the whole organism suffers. They are the foundations on which upon you will build your steps to success. Good mental, physical and spiritual health is essential for success in life, for example, consuming healthy foods can improve your concentration, energy levels, and brainpower.

Health isn't something that happens overnight, it's a journey, it is a path of self-discovery and each thing is an unfolding and development of the soul.

This is where you take full responsibility for your life and shift your lifestyle and your actions and build new healthy habits and routines based on the vibration of the vision you have for your life.


The five Pillars of Wellness

Earth           Water           Air           Fire           Space



Eat  better not less Most people don't realize how important nutrition and a balanced diet is to overall health and wellbeing and your brain needs a lot of nutrients to function.

I will help you curb cravings, lower your intake of refined sugars, eliminate processed foods and edible food-like products to detox your body to reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

Throughout the course of a coaching program depending on your goals and bio-individual needs, you will learn to eat intuitively a wide variety of whole foods and to combine them in a way that will speed up your metabolism, boost your immune system, stimulate the healing response and balance your hormones. 

A couple of ways to ensure you are eating a balanced diet is to have a wide variety of colors on your plate and to include the six tastes in each meal, (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent).


Phase 3

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Life Vision

The Circle of Life

Download the circle of life and get a visual representation of your current life balance and what needs improving.